School & Non Profit Groups

Take your next school or church group to Imperial Valley's favorite place for kids AND chaperones!

Ricochet can host groups as small as 10 jumpers all the way up to 350 jumpers.

Kids will love jumping on the trampolines, playing basketball and playing the arcade games.  Book Ricochet's School/Non Profit Package and each child gets 2 hours of jump time, 2 slices of pizza and a 16oz bottle of water. Teachers and chaperones love Ricochet because our fantastic staff members oversee the kids and the adults can jump with the kids or just relax in our eating area or on our comfortable couches. With ample parking for multiple buses, flexible hours and plenty of room for the kids to play, Ricochet is the perfect place for your next field trip!

*For tax purposes, payment must be made by the school or non profit that is hosting the event.

Individual payments from the participants will not be accepted.


*Youth Sport teams do not qualify for the school/non profit packages.  Please see our information and specials for Team Parties.

School & Non Profit Specials

This special price is reserved for groups that operate under a 501(c)(3) or offer free services to children and families.

*Restrictions do apply - contact our Event Coordinators to see if your group qualifies.

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Important Information

  • To secure your booking, Ricochet will require a contract signed by the person coordinating the event as a representative of the school or organization. In lieu of a monetary deposit this contract secures your date and time for the field trip. The contract is the invoice sent upon booking which reflects the amount owed for the headcount given.

    • **Ricochet will give a one week grace period to sign the contract. Until the contract/deposit is signed, the event will be considered tentative and will be cancelled after 1 week. 

  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made at least 30 days before the date of the event. Groups that cancel within 30 days of the event will be charged for half of the total bill.

  • Parents and siblings are subject to Ricochet’s regular rates. 

  • Waivers are for liability reasons only and will not be released to anyone for any reason.


Waiver Information

  • ALL teachers, chaperones, and students MUST have waivers signed if they are jumping.

    • Waivers may be found HERE.

  • Please have ALL students fill out waivers- even if they say they have been to Ricochet before. This will speed up the check in process immensely.

  • ** IMPORTANT: Please review each waiver to make sure all information is correctly filled out. Parent information goes on top and child’s information goes on bottom. ALL boxes and information need to be filled out on the waiver! Waivers will be checked upon arrival.   Waivers not filled out correctly will result in a child not being able to jump.


Jumper List

  • For a quick check-in process please follow these guidelines:

  • Have a list of the names of everyone who will be jumping in alphabetical order. If possible, bring in or email this list prior to the event

  • If there are multiple classes attending, please separate the children by class with a roster of names in alphabetical order

  • If possible, please bring in waivers and rosters prior to the event.


Lunch Time

  • Please coordinate lunch time with the event coordinator. We will serve pizza at the time requested by the person who coordinated the event.

  • For groups with more than 50 students that are placed in the Silver Eagle room, we will announce students to line up outside the room and walk up to the pizza stations to receive their 2 slices and bottled water.

  • Teachers and Chaperones may be asked to help with lunch service.

  • Teachers and Chaperones are responsible to monitor the children during lunch,


Arriving/Departing at Ricochet

  • If bus & school scheduling allows, you may arrive 15 - 30 minutes early for check in.

  • Teachers or Chaperones should check in with event coordinators to see where students line up and get wristbands.

  • All students will be checked in at the same time and go to the trampolines at the same time even if they are arriving separately. If groups are arriving separately they will be seated in their room and wait for the other students to arrive.

  • Upon arrival our referees will escort the students to their assigned room where the students can store shoes and personal items.  Referees will briefly go over the rules and policies at Ricochet, then dismiss the students to the trampolines.

  • Ricochet allows 30 minutes once the children are off the trampolines to eat lunch and board buses back to the school. If you would like any additional time, please talk to your coordinator to discuss possible options!

  • Please note: Students will finish eating in 30 minutes or less.  Please coordinate with your school’s busing system to pick up the students on time to avoid students getting bored and restless in their party room.  Unless additional jump time has been purchased, students will not be allowed out of their party room until they are leaving on the buses or with parents.

  • If you anticipate that the buses will be late, we recommend that you pay for use of the projector to show a movie.


*Ricochet will charge an extra $3 per student if they are not picked up within 30 minutes of the predetermined event time on the signed contract.


Other Schools

  • Please be aware that we may have more than one school at Ricochet at the same time. Ricochet will have plenty of referees to ensure the safety of the students. Each school will have a different colored wristband and separate eating areas to make it easier to spot your students.

  • Please see our Event Coordinator for information on exclusive rental of the facility.


Dress Code

  • Have your students come in their comfy clothes! No shoes on trampolines - socks or bare feet are fine, with the exception of chaperones or teachers.

  • Students must leave their shoes in their designated room.

  • Phones, mp3 players, loose jewelry & loose change may get lost on trampolines or large foam fit. Please stress to the students that we won’t be able to retrieve those items until we clean the foam pits. They should leave them at the front kiosk or their designated room. In the event an item is lost, students may fill out a lost item report.


Trampoline Arena and Basketball Court

  • Ricochet’s referees will monitor the students and ensure the safety of each jumper.

  • Although the Referees are there to have fun with the students, their main responsibility is to keep everyone safe. Please encourage your students to listen to the referees and follow any instructions given.

  • We may need the help of the Teachers & Chaperones to monitor younger students under the age of 8 on the dodgeball courts or in the large foam pit area.


The Grill at Ricochet 

  • Teachers & Chaperones jump for free but are not considered in the pizza count. Our grill will be open to order food.

  • Students may also bring money to purchase snacks. We recommend bringing at least $2.00-$5.00, if purchasing chips and beverages.

Other than dessert items, Ricochet does not allow outside food and beverages.



Final payment is due the day of event. We accept cash, school checks or school credit cards. You may change your headcount up to 1 day before the event. Ricochet will charge for the guaranteed head count or the number of actual attendees, whichever is greater. 

We appreciate your business and looking forward to seeing you here! If you have further questions or need to confirm any information you may email us at or call (760) 919-9800.