Business & Non Profit  Events


Silver Eagle Room:

$450 for Weekday 
$750 for Weekend 

Multiple day bookings get $100 off the room fee for every day after the first day


  • Tables & chairs for 150 people.

  • Additional tables & chairs are $10 per set.

  • Extra chairs are $1

  • One event host to assist during the event

  • PA System, Projector, Projector Screen, Mic, Stand for Presenter

  • Holds up to 500 if the event does not require table seating for every guest.

  • Linens Available - Extra Fees May Apply

$300.00 for The Conference Room at Ricochet


  • Seating for up to 60 people.

  • One event host to assist during the event

  • PA System, Projector, Projector Screen, Mic, Stand for Presenter

Click HERE for our catering menu.

Ricochet offers in-house catering for breakfast and/or lunch. Prices range from $9-$15 per person. Your event coordinator will go over the many different food options with you.

Ricochet does not allow any outside food or drink with the exception of a cake, candy bar or cinnamon sugar churro bar.

Ricochet provides complimentary beverages with all catered meals that includes Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Spring Water. Coffee is available upon request.

Banquets are served buffet style.

To have your food plated and hand served to guests is an additional $50 per server.

100 guests - 3 servers $150

150 guests - 4 servers $200

200 guests - 5 servers $250

A gratuity of 15%  will be added to the price of the catered meal.


You are welcome to bring in a cake, candy bar or cinnamon sugar churro bar.

We do have dessert options available:

  • Candy Bar $5 per person assorted candy with colors to match your theme!

  • S'mores Bar $3 per person

  • Fruit Platters $65 serves 50 people

  • Chocolate Fountain $5 per person
    Chocolate fountain includes: strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, crackers/cookies, pastries

Outside Catering Guidelines

All outside caterers must provide Ricochet with a current health department license and business license. It is the responsibility of the person(s) booking the event to make sure this information is given to Ricochet at least one week prior to the scheduled event.

All food must be brought to Ricochet warm & fully prepared in aluminum covered pans. Food may not be prepared on site. (*see exception for taco carts)

Drinks will be provided by the Outside Caterer unless arrangements are made with Ricochet in advance.

Outside caterers will not be allowed access to Ricochet's kitchen or work areas.

Caterer must supply their own staff to fill all chaffing dishes and replenish during meal time. In addition, it is the outside caterer's responsibility to clear off tables (upon meal completion) and prepare any leftovers for guests to take home.

Outside caterer must be equipped with necessary equipment & utensils to include chaffing dishes, serving spoon, towels, etc.

Prior to leaving the facility Outside Caterer must ensure that their designated area is clean and free of trash. Unsatisfactory clean-up will be subject to a cleaning fee of $300.00 posted to the customer's account.

Due to liability agreements, Ricochet will not handle any food prepared by an outside caterer.

*Taco Carts must be placed outside the facility on the south sidewalk. Taco cart caterer is also responsible to bring any extra tables needed outside the facility for serving their food.

Other Information

Events in the Banquet or Conference Room are eligible for special jump time rates. Cost is $20 per jumper ($12 for age 8 and under) to have access to the trampolines for the entire length of the event.

All events should be finalized 2 weeks before the event. This ensures all food, decorations, and other necessities will have already been ordered and delivered on time. Any changes made less than 2 weeks from your event date may result in extra charges and are subject to Ricochet’s ability to accommodate.

If you would like more information and would like to sit down and meet with our Event Coordinator, please call us at (760) 919-9800 or send an inquiry at for your desired date! Thank you for considering Ricochet to host such a special event!